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  • Distance of Electrode - TIG

    Hi again:

    I have a few questions that perhaps some of you better weldors may be able to answer.

    1) When welding mild steel sometimes I see sparks flying and the arc goes bezerk. After I stop I find that my electrode is contaminated. I am practicing this 'walking the cup' technique that I read up on this site with my electrode flush to the cup. This technique is supposed to be helpfull. So far all of my welds are very poor. In fact I seemed to be doing WAY better holding the electrode a bit higher but everything I read tells me to keep the electrode 1 electrode distance away. Suggestions on this would be appreciated.

    On mild steel, DC, straight (electrode grounded), 1/8" plate, 1/16 2% thoriated, 1/16 filler rod, 40-60A.

    2) When welding AL I have found that keeping the electrode further away gives a wider bead that is easier to control although I am assuming that this is at the expense of penetration.

    When welding should the puddle be 'almost about to burn through' before rod is added? I am not sure how to know when rod should be added and when the puddle should be moved.

    I thought that I was doing OK with my welds until I started to read some of these posts, now I am trying these new things and all **** has broken loose.

    For example, I used to find it much easier to 'pull' the torch. (Torch in the right hand moving from left to right, filler following with left hand) From what I have read this is incorrect. I attempted to try it the proper way with poor luck.

    Any suggestions on this?

    Final comment, when welding AL my amperage charts give me a current that blows through the AL VERY quickly. If they say use 150A I am finding that 80-100A is slower but I get no blow through. Does this mean that I am not getting the penetration required or is welding AL supposed to be like welding water?

    How is that for a book? Chapter two in a couple of days. TIG course in a few months.

    Thanks for all of your responses.



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    missed you

    i think the tig guys missed sorry i cant anser your ?? but i will get you back on the top of the list where they will find you.
    good luck
    thanks for the help
    hope i helped
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      I don't think the electrode is supposed to be flush with the cup?

      I'm not a pro but I start adding filler after I get a puddle started.

      I did that pull the torch thing when I first started tigging, worked for me too. I do it the right way now.

      150A I would say you are moving the torch to slow(this is to say if you want to move slower lower the amps).