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beading the electrode for aluminum

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  • beading the electrode for aluminum

    The gentleman we bought our TIG from told me that all I need to do to bead the electrode for aluminum welding was to put it to a piece of brass. I have done so and the end result does not look right. Am I missing something.

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    if you're talking about balling the end prior to welding, I've been taught to not even bother to ball it before welding aluminum. It will ball on its own.


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      You can ball the electrode on a piece of brass or copper using DCRP or let the tungsten ball on its own with a piece of scrap aluminum using AC as Tanner mentioned. I prefer using AC and letting it ball by itself. Good answer Tanner! By the way: zirconiated tungsten alloy is the best for welding with a balled end on a standard square wave machine such as the Syncrowave or a Lincoln Square Wave 175, etc. The tungsten should be tapered with a small end flat for inverter welding and a lanthanated tungsten alloy works best for that.