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  • 350p/python

    Hi Andy, I have not posted here for a long time, since we got our two dynasties working right all has been good. I saw somewhere that you had done a little with the new 350P and either a spoolgun or the python. I was wondering what you think of the new machine and which push/pull you think is the most idiot proof? I was also wondering if you can give me some very specific setup info for your top choice to cut down the learning curve? I have a deal with the local Ford dealers for repairing their think neighbors and we have a frequent need to be able to get into tight places and run aluminum to re-attach the coil over shock mounts that are the front suspension. The repairs can be done with tig but require much disassembly to gain access--thanks till next time-Russ

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    I think the Python is the way to go unless you need the extra amps that the Edge gun gives. The Python is smaller in size and easier to maintain. The parameters in the weld charts included seem to be pretty close on the pulse side but I fine the short arc charts to be a little hot for me and the way I weld. It's a good starting point.



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