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  • Touching welding rod . . .

    I hope I can phrase this question properly. Recently saw a video of a British weldor actually touching the welding rod with a finger (same hand as the stinger) and wondering if this is dangerous. Since my hands are not as steady as before if this isn't dangerous from an electrical point of view could one use the other hand to steady the rod? Something tells me this ISN'T a good practice. Advice?
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    My guess is it helps steady the rod. I have on occasion grabbed the rod with a gloved left hand while holding the stinger with my right hand to guide the rod into a difficult space. I HAVE ONLY DONE THIS WHEN WELDING WITH DC AND DRY CLOTHING. I do not recommend this practice. Given the right conditions it could be dangerous: wet sweaty gloves and clothing, improper footwear, bad ground, AC current, etc. Electical shock is dangerous and can kill. Be careful.


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      i have been nipped a few times ,mostly while wearing wet gloves,it [current]will let you know it is there,when you least expect it.also its a good way to get a nasty burn grabbing a welding rod while welding.where dry clothes and be safe.