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Welding Beer cans

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  • Welding Beer cans

    I have a syncrowave 180 and it's a great machine. I was welding up parts for my Front Engine Dragster and I came across a small beer keg, that I could us for a fuel tank. The keg was made out of Stainless Steel but rather thin, about 28 gauge. The lowest current I can get on the 180 is 10 amps and it seems like thats still not low enough to weld it without blowing a hole through it. any suggestions ?

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    Hi, I think you can use your machine for that application but the real reason for my post is that I have seen some old Moon tanks on E-bay lately. Might be something to look at. Keep us posted on progress! Good luck from a fellow racer, JEFF
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      Buzz and guys, My buddy had a beer keg on his street legal buggy. Got picked up and the Highway Patrol impounded his ride because in the patrolman's view the keg was stolen even though you pay a deposit on it someone still owns it. Heck I know a guy that still has 2 in his garage from 4 years ago. Just my 2 cent's. Happy 4th...Bob
      Bob Wright