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Stupid Question - MM135 to DC stick

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  • Stupid Question - MM135 to DC stick

    Can a MM 135 be used as a DC stick weldor? The electrical connection is easy, just use the normal ground and connect a rod holder to the other side.

    Otherwise, it would be removing the spool of wire and using the handle switch.

    I have a 220v buzzbox, but can't power it from my generator. Plug incompatibility.

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    Nope, cant do it, they are different type of machines. Also depending on the stick machine you may need more power than a small generator can deliver for most stick machines that will work very well other than maybe a Maxstar.


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      The only stupid question is the one not asked!!

      If your generator has the power to run your buzz-box, make up a pigtail to solve the plug problem.

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        Truth is I asked the exact same question about 8 monthes ago, only with mm210 as the machine.

        Answer is still, NO it can't be done, Sorry.
        If you read some old posts you can pick up some really great tips that you didn't even think you would want to know but really come in handy. This is one of the greatest sources for info and personal experiences!

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          Well, yes it may be possible in an "emergency"

          When Lincoln first brought out the SP125, it was the first cheap 120v mig with SCR/ infinite voltage control verses the MM130XP with the 4 position tapped xformer. I know several tech that bought the SP125 and used it for TIG welding.

          Yeah, you read me right TIG. Some guys even went and built finger tip remotes, and quick adapters to slap a tig torch in and use the existing solenoid for gas.

          The machines are still in use today. So, if you can fiure out what to do, it may be possible. But unless you know what your doing, i would advise against it.


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            I can vouch for the TIG welding with the SP125.... ...Honest! We sent a couple guys to Lincoln school and they came back with the pieces needed to turn the SP125 into a TIG machine. Might not have been the greatest TIG welder ever made, but we did set one up in our demo room and played with it for a couple weeks, it was possible to make decent tig welds on mild and stainless steel.


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              I have talked to number of people who have attempted to TIG weld with small MIG machines. Of the people I have talked with they have had very little or no success at all tigging. Stick welding would probably be even worse because the voltage would be to low to start the electrode properly and keep it lit without sticking to the plate.

              As for your buzzbox check the amp draw to be sure it will operate off your generator's output. As Sberry mentioned most stick welders do pull quite a few amps and would take a large generator to operate.

              If you really need to go portable and your generator is large enough for the MM 135 get a roll of self shielded flux cored wire. You won't have to drag a bottle of gas along and you have 3/16" capacity on mild steel.


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                the snap-on 140amp mig welder I've used could be used for TIG