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  • Auto darkening helmet

    Hi there.

    After experiencing the bright white light twice now on mis-starts during TIG welding it is time to get a auto darkening helmet.

    I keep seeing varying specifications related to the "time to darken". Is there an acceptable standard? I see 1/10000-1/20000 seconds to darken.

    Is one time specification preferred? Are all helmets about $270? (Big bucks - I don't really need flames on my helmet)

    Also, should I be concerned with my two flash instances? They were not that long - I closed my eyes as fast as I could.

    Finally, can you see fairly well when the helmet is "clear". Well enough to setup?



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    Do a search on this board on auto dark and take notes. Any of the premium a/d's will do fine. However, many including myself, are partial if not extremely biased in favor of Miller's new Big Window Elite. The XLix is also an excellent hood. Right now, the Elite is $208 and the XLix is $171 at B&R welder with free shipping to boot. Both are 1/20000 in the lens change dept. The Elite has 4 sensors and a larger viewing area. The XLix has 2 sensors and the standard viewing area. I have both and am happy with both of them, although I prefer the Elite. I recently picked up the XLix as a spare. You can find deals on Ebay on them sometimes. B&R is excellent to deal with and would be my first choice. There are others i.e., Indiana Oxygen and Cyberweld. Both are reputable internet dealers. Hope this gets you started.


    BTW, the clear states are #4 for the Elite and #3 for the XLix. Both are easy to set up with.

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      Thanks for that information. I have read a few posts and it would appear that the elite big helmet is preferred by many weldors.

      Have fun!



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        i just got and tried my new Miller Elite today. i must say that it is VERY NICE.


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          Originally posted by Steved
          Thanks for that information. I have read a few posts and it would appear that the elite big helmet is preferred by many weldors.

          Have fun!

          Got a Big window elite about a month ago and don't know how I got along without one before!! The clear shade allows for set-up and clean-up without having to flip up the helmet. Others on this board may have dirrerent opinions on other models/brands but for my uses the Miller BWE was the best choice for me. Ordered from BR Welding via E-Bay, free shipping and delivered in about 3 days. Keep us posted on your decision.


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            Hey Steved,
            Picked up my brand new Big Window Elite first thing this morning. Man, this thing is pure ***. I printed the sale page from where they're selling them for $225 with free shipping, took it to my local supply store and asked them to match the price. They did! Got it home and now I've got to say I'll never use any other hood. FANTASTIC!!!

            (love that sound of fryin' bacon)
            Be cool,

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