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welders and processes seen on American Chopper

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    those guys give welders a bad name !!! SAFTEY FIRST !!!



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      AMEN brother


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        I love watching these guys just close their eyes and weld, i mean jeez a normal straight shade helmet is around $20.00 bucks, i'd like to see them get some flash burn, then they'll learn their lesson. Flashing is not a fun time.


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          big window eleats

          miller gave them all big windo eleat helmits they just dont always wear them the other night i was watching the dad stand there squinting waiting for the welding to stop . get a clue and a screen.
          thanks for the help
          hope i helped
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            Don't forget your watching edited for television. What you see is not always the exact sequence. Editors love to 'cut and paste'.
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              Okay, I can't resist....

              Grumpy makes a good point. If you watch tada... the Miller Bike episosdes, you can watch Junior and Senior arguing, and in the background you'll see the 75th anniversary bike chrome and un-chrome itself, all in the (supposed) same scene. You can also see bikes appear and disappear in the background. You'll see stuff finished in one scene and then being worked on in a later scene. I guess their continuity guy is asleep. All in good fun...

              And if you watch the biker buildoff finals, Chica-san (and he's another HB local boy) ends up in the hospital with eyeball flash burn. But it looked like he was wearing a hood.