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What can Brown do for you?

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  • Paul Seaman
    These times just think of the serenity prayer.
    God grant me the strength to change the things I can
    Grant me the power to accept the things I can't change
    And god grant me the wisedom to know the difference!!!!

    Prophetic words from my grandmother more than 20 years ago, Yes I was listening, THANKS Gramma

    Good luck dealing with the shipper about the loss of customer confidence!!!!!

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  • fun4now

    sometimes it just hurts to try dosent it.we controle what we can and try not to go POSTAL (maby a bad example) over what we cant.

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  • timw
    started a topic What can Brown do for you?

    What can Brown do for you?

    Apparently not much. I ordered parts from Calif. on the 15th. They made it to Jacksonville on the 20th. Their 18 digit tracking number was scanned in and scanned out to be delivered on the 21st. That was the last time a 32 lb package was seen. But everyday since it has been sceduled to be delivered the next working day on their tracking service.
    OK, so yesterday the shipper tells me he will overnight a new order to me using the X carrier. So today it didn't show by late afternoon. Several calls and the driver at X couldn't find my address. I stood in my driveway at 10:30 am and waived as he went by, I figured he was not the overnight delivery driver so I didn't scream at him.
    So now my customer thinks I'm not dependable and I've put off other things for 9 days expecting to jump on his machine when the parts arrive. Technology is killing me! Oh yeah, the post office brought me the bill on the 21st.