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  • TIG Hand Controls?

    Hi all,

    I'm looking for a small hand control to use on my TIG torch. I have a couple of different Miller controls, but they seem to be a little too bulky for using in the tight spaces I have to get into. ie. Boat bilges and fuel tanks. Does anyone know of a company that makes hand controls that are integrated into the handle? If you all do I would appreciate it.


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    There are a few torches i've seen with the gas and current right on the handle. Torch we had with our Trailblazer and high freq box had a gas knob built into the torch, and I think it was a RCC-14 remote contractor zip tied to the handle. Everything else on the entire setup had a miller logo on it so I would assume the torch was available though them too. I didn't see any pics when I tried looking at the torches so I couldn't pick it out of the listings. I might be able to find the papers at work to see. may not be any help but our TIG guy made it work pretty good in tight spots.
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      What kind of machine do you have? If you have a newer Syncro or inverter, you could get away with a momentary pushbutton. On the newer machines, one pushbutton can control start, stop, upslope, downslope and toggle between low and high pulse. If you have an older machine, your stuck with what miller makes or CK.


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        I haven't used one but I have been looking at the C-K torches with a built in linear roll switch that is fairly narrow compared to an add on unit. People do say that they are difficult, or at least different to get used to. I'd want a test drive before a decision is made.(which means I haven't found one to borrow yet...) Good luck and let us know what works for you! JEFF
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          I have quite a few machines. Lets start with the shop syncrowave 350lx tigrunner, mm250x, spectrum, 2050 plasma cutter, esab plasma currently OOC, spoolmatic 30a, a couple mm135. On the truck I have a TB 301g, Dynasty 200, spoolmatic 30a, and a spectrum 625.

          The problem is that all weld is aluminum and I really need good heat control so a momentary switch isn't a good option.

          Uncle Sam has paid for the best since I got here. Gotta keep those boats running.


          I haven't looked at C-K yet think I'll call welding supplier to find out what there like.

          Thanks for the advice all


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            Read your manual for the Dynasty 200DX. Read the section that contains 2T, 4T, and Mini Logic. These are all functions that use a momentary switch. It can do alot more than you think.