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300xmt cause for alarm,.?

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  • 300xmt cause for alarm,.?

    after only a few minuetes of use when I turn the machine off my older power unit, the Miller 300 xmt makes this very scary and loud POP !-New experience and disconcerting- Was wondering is this cause to return to the welding repair shop yet again, or just the normal procession of the ageing process-Maybe a internal short or the capacitors going out ?-TIA

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      XMT 300

      billxj, I would recomend bringing that unit in to a service center. The loud "pop" could be a contactor opening. If there was a problem with a capacitor I would think you would here the noise at power-up.
      The noise is by no means normal so I would take it out of service.


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        The XMT does drop the contactor out when it is turned off. If this is a unit you are not familiar with, it may sound harsh. If it turns back on and welds, it should be fine. There will also be a pop a few seconds after turning on.



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          If they were capacitors blowing they would either fail in a dead short or a open. In a dead short they would get really hot and burn, if they failed open they would have burned to get to that state.

          In either instance you would smell the burnt component.