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    I am looking for information on the best type of shielding gas to use when mig welding stainless steel base metals. The base metals we are welding are T304 & T316. Note: we are not joining the 2 different types of metals, just seperate projects. Our base metal thicknesses range from 0.053" to 0.130". Currently we are using a mix of 90% helium, 7.5% argon, & 2.5% CO2. The cost of this mix is about 4 times higher than our standard 75/25 Argon/CO2. Are there more economical solutions?

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    My guess is with stuff that thin, you are short-arcing it. If so, I think you're stuck with tri-mix. If you can spray it, 98/2 works.

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      Yup, for short arc, you are using the most commonly recommended gas mixture. 98% Argon / 2% Oxygen will work on spray, but that expensive helium mix is the best short arc gas that I have seen used.

      Unfortunately, Helium is very pricey gas, compared to Argon, so you should expect to pay my marketing area, three times would be the norm, but helium has taken a big jump in the past 8-10 months, so depending on the supply, it could be 4 times more expensive.


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        That is the best gig around!


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          You really don't have any options other than what has been mentioned unless pulse spray with the 98ar/2o2 is something you have the equipment to do. There had been some talk about a cheaper 2 gas mix for stainless GMAW, but I have not tried it and have my doubts for such thin material. I am currently using the 90he/7.5ar/2.5co2 for short arc and pulsed spray. Sometimes you get what you pay for.


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            Thanks to all for the advice. It looks like I will continue to use the 3 mix. I was just hoping to reduce some costs. Thanks again.