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any input on the TRAILBLAZER 301 TIG

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  • any input on the TRAILBLAZER 301 TIG

    the local MILLER dealer seems to be making me a good deal on a TRAILBLAZER 301 TIG similar to the one above plus the necessary extra optional accesories) ready to weld,combo, with a water cool torch, hand control,radiator plus ARG/gas/tank
    does this combo seem to be a good tool for a hotrod shop? (aluminum TIG use,up to about 3/8" rarely,3/16 to 1/4" mostly , thinner and chrome moly roll cages, ETC.)
    I like the idea of the generator and portability on a trailer, any bad points?
    PRICE is not the issue, will this equipment do the job correctly?

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    Only problem I see is why have a gasoline powered welder in a shop? If you're going for portablity, I'd buy it, but if you're mostly doing inshop welding, i think a dynasty 300DX would work out a lot better.


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      Nice machine. I added one to my mobile business and absolutely loved it! I had a high freq unit for the AC TIG, but much preferred to run the Dynasty 200DX from the auxillary power. The TB 301 TIG arc is more than decent, but no where near the control of the Dynasty 200 or 300 machines!

      I must agree with Tanner: The gas drive is not an ideal shop machine: Noisy, fuel consuming, arc not as good on TIG, exhaust issues, etc.

      Fot TIG work in a rod shop I would have to opt for one of these: Dynasty 200DX, 300DX models, or a Syncrowave 250. My guess is the Dynasty 200DX or the Trailblazer is going to fall short for all day welding of thicker tube leaving the 300DX and Syncro 250DX as your better choices. If you want to post material, thickness, weld times, etc, and why the need for portability, then we can help you make a more informed decision


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        PRICE is not the issue, will this equipment do the job correctly?

        With that in mind I point you to the Dynasty 300DX TIGRUNNER Package in the $6000 neighborhood! Here is a couple of links to look over. I use one everyday of the week and would not know what to do wothout it!


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          Referring back to your previous post 340mag , I would have to say that the TB301 is not what you are looking for. Not in a Tig machine anyway. The Trailblazer is a great machine, but for it's intended purposes. AC tig on this machine is there as a "possibility", but not as a preferred process.

          You mentioned high quality work in your previous post...340 mag, Help me decide While the TB301 will give you great stick welds and wire welds, and even pretty decent DC tig welds, it is just not in the same ball park with the Dynasty, or the Syncrowave, when talking about aluminum tig welding. That, plus the fuel, noise, and emmission issues would make it seem a poor choice to me.

          I discovered years ago in this business that, more often than not, the do everything machine leaves a lot to be desired in one or more processes.


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            thanks for the info gentelman, thats just the kind of feed back i was hoping for to help make up my mind