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  • tig techniques

    I'm new to the tig game. I've praticing gone through a few bottles.
    I been talking to alot of tig welders on techniques. What is the best method to tig? I learned how to walk the cup,not good @ swirling & adding filler rod. One welder told me to always walk the cup & leave the filler rod on the area I want to weld then walk over it. Is this right? I could use any help out there. Any other techniques would be nice.
    Lincoln Precision Tig 185

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    No need to swirl and add filler. Start your puddle, add filler, advance the torch, add filler, advance the torch, add filler, etc. Move the torch in a straight line. You may have to swirl to wash the toes on thicker weldments if you are short on heat input.

    Walking the cup works great on pipe and thicker beveled joints.


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      with a lot of the material that you will be welding with the tig process the circular motion will cause warpage.(thin) now i have never gotten into walking the cup unless im doing a T joint or pipe..

      i dont recomend leaving the filler rod like the way that you had described.....get the puddle going first then dip the rod.....

      the only time i will use the circle circle dip method is on thicker aluminum

      i would highly recomend getting the miller tig book/ cd ..... or take a tig class at your local college or trade school !!