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What push pull gun ?

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  • What push pull gun ?

    I plan on getting the push pull module for my MM251 and will need a gun also. I have never used a mig aluminum gun before and would like you guys opinions on guns so I can study each guns specs and talk to my dealer about them before I have him order one for me. Thanks

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    This is like a Chevy or Ford or Dodge thing... ...Personal preference is going to have a big part in your decision.

    I don't want to knock the Edge or Python, but in my marketing area, the XR-30 is king. And we weld aluminum, lot's of it. I have two aluminum trailer manufacturers, both have tried Edge guns, both have stuck with XR's. I took an Edge to a customer a couple years ago, that was new to aluminum, let them try it for a week, then took them an XR for a week. The XR stayed.

    Sometimes though, those who have never used a spoolgun, will prefer the Edge because of it's design. I just think the XR is more bullet-proof. Then again, it depends on what you are going to do with it. Building trailers is a pretty rough test of a gun, if you stay on the ground and do a lot of bench work, an Edge or Python may have an edge (pun intended)..

    I am sure we will get some more comments on this. Good Luck on your decision.


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      klsm54 when you say XR30A do you mean the 30 foot pistol grip gun?


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        I may get spanked here from the product manager but....

        The two guns I would look at for you would be either the Python or the XR pistol grip. Both are bullet proof reliable and easier to use than the Edge gun. The edge gun is a great industrial gun but for your 251 it's overkill and more expensive.

        I have the Python on the MM350P and it does just fine and feels smaller and lighter in my hands which makes it more comfortable to use.

        Good luck



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          tackit, Yep, that is the one. Truthfully, I have no experience with the Python gun yet, since it is so new, not with the Miller name on it anyway. So my comparison is between the XR30 and Edge.


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            Klsm54 and ANDY Thanks for your input, I really appreciate this site and the knowledgeable people like you that make it such a great asset.


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              python gun

              Will the Python gun hook right up to an XR feeder, or do you need an adapter. I don't see it listed as an option in the catalog, just as an add on for the Millermatics. Maybe it won't work at all?


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                Push-Pull Torch

                The python torch is the best push-pull torch on the market. The fact that Miller and Lincoln are selling it should speak for itself. I have sold hundreds of pythons the last 3 years, and it holds up in every type of industry out there.
                Kevin Reed


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                  The MILLER Python gun comes with the right hook up. Should plug right in. You will still need the push/pull adapter for any gun you choose.