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  • Ned Info on Hobart MIG

    I bought a Hobart MIG at an auction and I'm having trouble finding info on it. It's a BETA-MIG 251 ser# 396WS13531. It has Spool gun hook up and hose. With Piecemaker 40-A 14' gun. I tried Hobart owners manual site and ser# didn't compute. I tried local weld shop for tip and nozzle and they were confused. Takes a 5/16 thread tip and push on nozzle. I made an adapter to 1/4" tip on my lathe just to see if it welds, it does! I'm guessing the 3 96 is the born on date. Paid $540.00. No regulators though.

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    Hi, Sorry I can't help with specific machine info but Hobart has a forum like this at then click on the WeldTalk at the bottom right of the page. There is a pretty wide topic range and plenty of info too. Good luck, JEFF
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      This is a great machine,a friend has one and it welds great. I don't have any good help other than what has been prescribed.



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        i know the 20-a piecemaker uses an adapter befor the nozzle witch is a slip on type in the 14-a it uses a screw on heavy duty or you can use the adapter to go eather a slim line medium duty or a standerd slip on .could be you need to get the screw on adapter b4 you put on a nozzle.i dont have a parts breakdown for the 40-a but the 20-a adapter is pt# 379 301 it seems to go to all the piecemaker's unless you want the slimline nozzel then you want pt# 379 708
        i would ask your dealer to order in you a heavy duty nozzle (threded)and an adapter for the 20-a gun and slip on nozzle in shoure out of theas three things you should be able to get up and running

        heavy duty nozzle (threded) part # 379 449
        adapter part # 379 301
        slip on nozzle part # 379 300 (20-a gun)

        all theas can be found on page # 23 and 24 of the 2004 welding components and parts guide put out by miller i believe well the miller bike is on the front anyway ask your dealer he should have it.
        hope this helps good luck
        thanks for the help
        hope i helped
        feel free to shoot me an e-mail direct i have time to chat. [email protected]
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