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  • Dross Problems

    Here are the details.
    Brand newSpectrum 375 running off of 230 volts , 36 gallon compressor with water filter and Motor guard 26 filter. I have my switch set to 240 volts, I have air properly adjusted (60 psi while cutting). I can't get clean cuts even on 3/16ths using a standoff guide. I have to push down on the 3/16ths to get it to seperate after cutting and it is really hard to get 3/8ths plate to even sever. The dross is just rewelding back together at the bottom of the cut. I have tried varying cutting speed, power, and stand off. What am I doing wrong?

    I have swapped all parts on the gun, i have tried 3 seperate tips, I have tried varying air pressure at the compressor and at the cutter. I have tried with and without standoffs, drag cutting. I cant cut any faster or the sparks blow back and it does not cut through. The only thing that I can think of is that it may be air flow for some reason. I am pushing through 50 ft of hose 1/4 to 1/4 with no quick connects to restrict flow. I dont know what else it could be.Help

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    power cord

    i have herd that a larger power cord will do wonders for that cutter.(power in)you might also try droping the air presher down a little.the spec 375 should have no problem with 3/8th
    hope this helps
    thanks for the help
    hope i helped
    feel free to shoot me an e-mail direct i have time to chat. [email protected]
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      They do come with a small power cord


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        Moisture can cause similar problems. I found out, from the guys at the auto paint shop, that your filter/drier needs to be a good fifty feet from your compressor. You might install some drip legs in the pipe, as well as just more pipe. Apparently the air needs to cool and the water vapor condense before your seperator will pull it out.
        The other thing I tried, and it worked so good that it gets its own paragraph, is a desicant/filter. It is a little plastic thingy filled with little beads that are purple. As you use it the desicant changes from purple to pink. When it is pink, it is full of water and must be replaced. I got them at the auto painters supply place, they were about ten buck. Worked like a Champ!
        I have also had some minor trouble with the work cable. Had a loose connection at the clamp one time. Had a bad connection at the machine another. Same symptoms as yours. Another odd problem I had that was ground related was with some hot rolled plate I was cutting. The carbon coating that was on it was apparently thick enough and maybe had alot of non conductive iron isotopes it, or something, but I had to grind it away and expose fresh steel before it would cut.
        Good luck, try the filter, and grind a shiny spot for your cable first.


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          Thanks walker, you hit on a couple of things that I have been thinking on tonight.
          1)The steel plate is new and has a heavy coat on it as well. I have not been grinding a spot for the clamp. I also thought I would try brushing down the cut line as well
          2)Connections. I am going to reconnect to my 230 plug and really check the ground connection to make sure the wire is properly attached. What I may end up doing is what fun4now suggested and connectiing a heavy duty power cord with a already made plug and wiring it staight to the cutter. That just makes good sense to me. Miller should offer that as an option in my opinion.
          I think I am covered on the water issue. The Motorguard M26 is highly reccommended for plasma cutting. Thanks for your help Walker and if anyone else thinks of anything, please chime in.


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            Get a meter and check the voltage at your recept to make sure you have 230 or near that. The ground is stricktly a saftey issue and has no effect on the operation of the machine. Turn the air down some and see what happens. The wire going to the machine may be light but I doubt it will have anything to do with this issue. The cord is short, even undersized wire will work ok, especially when less than wide open continious use.