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OCV Control for Automotive Welding

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  • OCV Control for Automotive Welding

    Hello to all. Anybody hear of a Open Circuit Volatge control/reducer that can be hooked up to an automotive battery while welding. Someone had mentioned that welding on newer model cars may affect the computer chips/boards. Heard about a gadget that can be hooked up to the battery terminals that can prevent any possible voltage surges while welding. Anyone seen or head of such a beast?

    Thanks in advance,

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    Good-All makes a good one.Mac Tools also handle one I suspect is made by Good-All.They were around $50 when I got mine.


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      Originally posted by thehat
      Good-All makes a good one.Mac Tools also handle one I suspect is made by Good-All.They were around $50 when I got mine.

      Thanks for replying. You wouldn't happen to know any model #'s or even links to go to and find these would you? I've tried as well as goodall/matson usa tools sites and couldn't find anything.


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        I have them at work,Will post them to-nite.


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          OK,if you can find a MAC Tool truck in your area they call it an ANTI ZAP service minder-part # ET20AZ.I don't have the part# for Goodall but there phone# is 1 800 328 7730. HTH


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            I was welding some safety clamps on two dumps trucks tonight so they could haul concrete redi-mix. The truck driver had a MAC tools Anti-Zap which he installed on the battery. Must have worked, the truck started and ran fine afterwards

            He got his from the MAC Tool dealer for about $65. I found one online for $52 (

            Seems like cheap insurance. I may pick one up tomorrow.


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              Do these protect the system any better than just disconnecting the battery ? I always worry about all the sensors and computer stuff even with the battery disconnected. I probably worry to much.
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                No,I don,t think they work any better but they are lot easier.I do alot of heavy truck and consrution equiptment with multipile batterys which can be a real pain to get to plus dealing with drivers who have to reprogram their radios.Plus alot of times you have to start the unit to raise and lower equiptment.I've been using mine for well over 10 yrs without a problem.