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Trouble with MIG

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  • Trouble with MIG

    Messing around with some vertical T joints, 1/4" MS plate to 1/8" MS plate. Millermatic 300 MIG, initial settings were 24 on the voltage and around 340 on the wire speed. This setting seemed to work real well when not trying to defy gravity (horizontal T joint, 1/4" on 1/4"). When I attempted to weld "uphill" I had a heck of a time. Ended up with globby dripping welds. Seems whatever I did, I could'nt fix it, changed the speed, voltage. Could'nt get much torch angle due to space. When I went to a different area of the work (1/4" on 1/4") I got much better results when welding vertically. I definetely need some more practice with MIG, rather TIG all day long.

    I know you guys will know the answer to my problems.


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    With that much voltage you are going to be getting into a globular transfer which is not meant to run vertical or overhead. Without knowing the wire diameter or gas it is hard to give you a good setting.But for like an .035 ER70S-6 wire lets say with CO2 shielding gas you woud want to be in the neighborhood of 19-20 volts and around 110 amps. Start with setting the voltage and then fine tune the wire feed speed to get a steady frying sound this would be a short circuit transfer which will run great out of position. Also keep your stickout around 1/4 to 3/8 of an inch and run a 5 to 10 degree push travel angle with a slight side to side motion.


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      Sounds like way too much voltage for that size material. I'd say closer to 18-19 Volt (maybe less depending on wire size) on vert up.



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        Looks like we overposted each other