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    1) Does anyone know if Miller offers a software upgrade for the Optima?
    There are no built-in programs for 0.030 wire.
    If not, is there a "cheater way" to speed up my set-up for smaller wire?

    2) The Optima has default programs for 309L stainless. If I'm using 308L, should I make any adjustments?

    3) For stainless steel, the Optima set-up says to use Argon Co2 mix @ 2% or 5%. I only have 100%Argon, 2.5Co2/7.5Arg/90Hel , or C-25 gas.

    Hurry, I'm running out of srap material.


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    hi doug welcome aboard im not shoure as to the anser to youre ?? but i will bring you back to the top to get you back into thought HAWK or andy will be able to help you and must have missed your ?
    good luck and happy welding
    thanks for the help
    hope i helped
    feel free to shoot me an e-mail direct i have time to chat. [email protected]
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      Hey Doug,

      Sorry I missed ya

      No user servicable software upgrades. Most of the programs are general and give the operator enough trim or arc length adjustment to compensate for variables. Most users are not purchasing a pulse unit to weld with .030 wire therefore no program. The .035 and larger wires gives better deposition rates needed for production. Your default program for 309L will work for 308L as well. Keep in mind that the base metal alloy will determine what filler should be used and how that base metal dilutes with the filler will affect the weld bead results. In otherwords, your 308L may not run good at all if you are welding 348 SS.
      Also stick with the gasses listed. The straight Argon will work for Aluminum but use the 98-2 for pulsing steels.

      Good luck