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  • Shop power ?

    My garage was just finished being put up. It is a 30x63 morton building. It is time to get the power hooked up and I was wondering how many amps I would need as a small-medium size welding shop? At first the garage was going to be just a auto repair shop with a 200 amp service now that it will end up being a welding shop I think 200 amps will not do. So any feed back or let me know what you guys have for power will help.

    Thanks, Joshua

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    Are you in an area where 3 phase power is an option? If so, I would go that route if the installation expense is tolerable. I think a 200 amp 1 phase main will fall way short of your described needs. Perhaps call your utility company. Mine came out and did a power usage and potential growth survey and made recommendations at no charge.


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      Thanks for the quick reply Hawk.

      I have given my electrican the sepcs to all the welders and tools I hope to have and he is going to do a power useage. I do not belive I can get 3 phase but I did ask him to find out.

      The guy who came out to check my meter location recommended 400 amps. He based that on just be a commerical building.

      My electrican is going on vaction so I just tring to get as much info as possible so when he returns we can come up with a game plan.

      Thnaks, Joshua


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        You can run a lot of stuff on a 200. If you have 2 or 3 guys working it probably wont be enough. You can parrallel 2-200's fro a 400A meter base as 400 panel is VERY expensive.
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          I agree with Sberry, You will probably know the draw of the big ticket items, Air compressor, welders, AC, Heat, Hot water heater, you get the drift. Add the draw up and there is the basic answer. Usually a shop will run 20 amp per duplex outlet for heavy grinders and such. that leaves lights and you dont want it all on one breaker. You add the numbers and the answer is in front of you.

          By the way I envy you, my space is 14'x21',


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            The price of 3 phase may make you choke, but if I could get it, I would. It will be cheaper to install it now, than to wire everything up for single phase, only to have to re-do it later for three phase.

            If you are limited to single phase, I would want at least the 400 amp service.


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              Thanks for all your help. I can not wait to be up and running.