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    I just bought a used Heath Engineering magnetic tracer torch, I would like to find a operators manual or some kind of guide for the proper use. I have cut some parts and they look pretty good but I am sure I could learn how to do it better.

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    I don't know the answer to your question but I would suggest trying a google search. If you haven't used google yet it is awsome. I recently did a google search for building a 3 phase converter and found instructions with part numbers. Last year I bought an old Plow for my farm tractor for $20. It had a tag on it "David Bradley" I did a search and found it was sold by Sears in the 50's. I even found instructions on how to set it up, sharpen it and use it. Did you know that you have to ajust the "Suck" on a plow? ( term for plow angle)


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      I completely agree with Tim. Google is the bomb, it just blows the others away. Although Google will not find everything, no search engine will, it will more than likely find more of whatever you might be looking for than any of the rest. Click on images for pictures, froogle for price comparisons, etc. And, Google's built in calculator is light years ahead of any that I've seen or used...literally!! Suppose that you have the task of summing a series of measurments in mixed units, whether length, volume, mass, temperature, energy or time Google spits out the answer in milliseconds. Try this: 97 million miles + 98254 kilometers + 3pi inches + 875 furlongs in light years. Got the answer yet? Just copy and paste it into Google. Didn't believe me, did ya? Now go have fun!