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Question on WormHoles in welds

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  • Question on WormHoles in welds

    Hi Guys
    How are you? I was wondering if anyone can tell me what causes excesives wormholes in a mig weld. I am using 8018 wire, co2 gas on a 2 head system and I am welding 1" diameter tubes and joining flatbar together. Any info or recommendations would be greatly apperciated. Thanks in adavnce

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    Welcome Mike!
    A few questions... It's hard to troubleshoot without actually seeing the unit run.

    Is the flat bar hot roll?

    If so are you grinding the mill scale off before welding?

    Has this proceedure worked in the past?

    What is the basemetal alloy?

    Why the 8018 wire?



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      Hey Andy
      How are you? Thanks for the quick response. The flat bar I am using already comes pre-finished, so there is no scale or residue on the work piece. As for the 8018 wire, the pieces will be put under pressure and be close to sources of extreme heat. Any more info would be great. Thanks again Andy


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        Big_Mike, when you say 8018 wire, I assume you mean a flux-cored, dual shield type of wire. Is this correct?


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          Hey klsm54

          How are you? You are right it is a flux-cored, dual shield type of wire. Thanks again for the responces.


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            Since it is flux-cored wire, how long does a spool last? Do you have a wire oven? Is the wire left on the feeder overnite, weekends, or any other extended periods of time when no welding is being done?

            On more than one occasion, I have found worm tracking in Dual shield applications, to be the result of moisture.

            Some thoughts on this subject are talked about... Here

            Of course, if you are getting worm tracks, you may also be compromising the integrity of the welds with too high of a Hydrogen content also, effecting the mechanical properties.


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              I once had the same problem and posted it here. Here is one answer I received:

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              The marks in the weld are what we call "wormtracks" at work. They usually come from too short of stickout or too highof voltage. In either case the wire isn't getting enough pre heat to bake out the moisture. Also if the spool has been left uncovered in the shop their is a good chance it has picked up moisture. I usually run the .045" between 21-23 volts and 160-180 amps with a good 3/4" stickout. Best of luck.

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