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Single phase generator power from Big Blue 302

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  • Single phase generator power from Big Blue 302

    Hey! I'm looking for a recommendation on using the 120/240 volt 50 amp receptacle on my machine. I'd like to use it to power up some additional 120 volt equipment. The GFCI receptacle is already in use for two truck mounted 500 watt quartz lights that we use at night. I need to be able to run sawzalls, grinders, and similar type equipment for on-site fabrication. What do you recommend? Is it alright to build a pigtail or junction box using the 50 amp receptacle? Thanks.

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    Since its all truck mounted, why not mount a small sub-panel with two to four breaker positions, feed it from the 240V outlet, and run some 20A branch circuits to strategically mounted outlet boxes?

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      That's what I did. I have a panel plugged into the 50A receptacle. At that panel, I have another 50A for feedthrough, a 50A for welders, (2) 20A 240V outlets for smaller 240V equipment, and 4 120V receptacles.

      I used spare parts, but it can all be built from Home Despot.


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        Man, sometimes its amazing how the obvious isn't! Chalk it up to old age and memory loss! Thanks guys, we'll get right to it.