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    I would like to convert my Cricket to Argon shield gas. Anyone got any idea where I could get the kit. Miller local office is of no help,


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    Hi, I have an older Cricket(my first machine) and tried to convert it years ago. A few of the cricket models were able to be done but most would not support a gas solenoid or switching for it. I'm going back a ways but I'm sure that this info came from my local dealer at the time. Good Luck, JEFF
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      There was a "Hard Wire" kit available. It was a part # 042214, no longer available. But that tells me that the circuitry is in the machine to support a gas solenoid.

      Now, I am not a welder technician, as a matter of fact I'm pretty clueless when it comes to reading a schematic, but someone with a little savvy could surely figure out the voltage that is available to run this solenoid, and cross reference one from todays stock that could be made to work.


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        Yes, I've found the owners manual on the Miller web site and now I know the voltage, size and orifice size so I have all the info. Now it's really a simple matter to get a Buna N seated solenoid with these parameters. Miller web site is really good for the manuals.