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9000x Speedglass vs Elite

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    Hi guys,
    Like I said in an earlier post. I have been in the shop all day. (about 14 hrs) I started out with the Xlix helmet. I like the helmet. It does everything that a good welding helmet should do. The fit is great! The thing just does a great job. I like it alot better then any other helmet that I've ever used and I have used a bunch. I then switched over to the Elite. I used it for about two hrs and again I like it very much. I did notice that the visability was better with the big window. After another two hrs I switched back to the Xlix. I used the Xlix for about 5 min. I put it back in the bag and used the Elite the rest of the night. If I never used the Elite I would be very happy with the Xlix. However the Elite does everything that the Xlix does but there is a definite advantage to the big window Elite! For my money the couple of extra bucks that the Elite costs over the Xlix is worth it. Bulldog
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