Today, the first "cheapo" tool I have ever bought arrived via UPS. 7" Northern Industrial Tools grinder, $39.99 complete with a spare set of brushes!

Data: 1600 watts (13.3 amps), 8K RPM, 16 pounds, #16 cord. Red and Grey, just like my Milwaukee!!

The only wheel I could find close to home was a Makita A24- cost me $10 for a wheel for my $40 grinder! Ah, well...

Burned a 6011, 7014 and 7018 rod on a piece of 1" scrap plate and fired up the new tool. Spun up real nice, loaded up good, and did a number on the beads.

I'll update the post as things progress, but for now, I'm sorta impressed.

Be well.