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Welding school in Dallas Fort Worth

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  • Welding school in Dallas Fort Worth

    I would like to know if anyone is familiar with a welding school in the Dallas/Fort Worth area that my 15 year-old could attend. Especially now that summer is here. He is an excellent graphics artist, but wants to learn the fabrication world of welding. Unfortunately, they do not offer it in his school. He is sharp as a tack and wants to major in industrial arts in college. Of course, he also wants to fabricate his own designs, ie. Jesse James. He has helped me re-build a Triumph TR6 and a Honda dirt bike. I appreciate his desires because of his attitude of understanding the payback. I have a small garage area at home, but I want him to truly learn. Thanks for any responses!

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    It's been almost 17 years since I lived there. It is however where I started welding. If memory serves, Northlake College in Irving had a few summer welding courses I had considered at one time. If not, check with the DCCD ( Dallas Community College District ). They may have something also.

    Hope this helps. BTW, welcome aboard.


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      Thanks Don!