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  • Maxstar 200DX

    I've been wanting to learn to tig for some time(I have a MM210)now and ran across a maxstar 200dx used so I got it. It doesn't have anything with it other that unit and power cord. What do I need to get started? I have read through the forum about the machine. I know it won't do aluminum so if I really catch on to tig I may upgrade at some point but I'm happy to be able to learn now. Is the contractors kit the way to go on the accessories? It seems to have everything but I have a thunderbolt AC/DC arc welder already so I don't need arc equipment unless there is something about the maxstar that is better for arc.
    Any help on getting started would be appreciated.

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    IIRC mine came w/ at least one dinse connector (a special on that had a connection pt for gas to facilitate a single lead torch), a hose that connects the above dinse connector to the the gas output port on the front of the machine and a manual. If youre interested I think I can come up w/ a P/N for the dinse connector and hose. A manual can be gotten online from the Miller website but you will need the S/N from your unit to get the correct version.

    To tig you'll minimally need another dinse connector/cable/work clamp (for the work lead), a tig torch and dinse connector, some tungstens, tungsten sharpener (I use the chemical stuff), a flow meter, some gas, maybe some filler metal and something to weld.

    I really like my DX alot but would have likely bought a Dynasty had it been available. I think though you can do a limited amt of Al welding w/ it using DCEP and He. I've never tryed it but the Miller TIG manual talks a bit about it. Mostly Ive used my Maxstar in stick mode and have just recently rigged it for TIG. I thought Id get some experience prior to going back to school this fall.

    Not sure what the contractors kit provides but it might be a good bet for getting everything in one lump. I opted for a CK torch myself.


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      It looks like the contractor kit has everything. In the long run I'll probably be better off to just go that route. Thanks for your input.


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        Yes, I thought it might be easier and maybe less expensive to buy it all in a single kit. I thought about going that route but the CK torch came highly recommended so I bought my setup in bits and pieces.

        Youre going to really like the Maxstar. Just this w/e I got it all setup to TIG and experimented a bit. Up to now Ive only used the unit to stick weld...which is nigt/day different from TIG. I like TIG alot better.


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          If you have the time and patience, putting together the pieces is a better way to go. This way you can choose your torch and regulator as well as tungsten type. There are some newer 150 amp air cooled torches on the market with super flexible power cables-maybe one will soon be Blue!

          You can always get the contractors kit and add pieces and parts as you find the need. Let us know.


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            I'm not in a hurry to get all the items and I would rather buy the right thing the first time. I'm lacking in knowledge of what I need to buy in order get the machine up and running. I know I need a torch, foot control or finger control(which one is better for a beginner?) and I have a regulator. But I know there are adaptors and such that I'm not sure of. HAWK,Is there any chance you could make some sugggestions on a parts list? It would be greatly appreciated. If you don't want to post them here my email is [email protected]


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              I'll be glad to get you part numbers and descriptions for what you need.


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                Check your email.


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                  The 200 should outdo your older arc welder plus be more power efficient.
                  parts are:

                  194720 is the torch adapter
                  043554 light foot control or
                  194744 HD foot control
                  129527 twistlock dinse adapter for ground clamp or stick stinger lead

                  Good luck