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    And man, I love that brightness when working in a Dark and Dingy shop or underneath some piece of Heavy equipment at Night....Paul
    More Spark Today Pleasesigpic


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      I am probably going to offend somebody here, but...

      There are some fine manufacturers of auto e hoods on the market today. Each has it own place and type of controls: The Miller Elite is battery powered with solar assist with internal controls. The Optrel Satellite is totally solar with external controls. I am not real familiar with the Hornell helmets, but understand the newer Speedglass units are nice. Here is the offensive statement....Maybe? I know each and every hood has a place in the market ; but of all I have owned and field tested the Jackson e hoods have never been anything more than expensive junk.


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        Originally posted by HAWK
        I am probably going to offend somebody here, but...

        the Jackson e hoods have never been anything more than expensive junk.
        I agree. I thought they were the best thing since sliced bread until I got my Optrel. Optics headgear adjustability COMFORT are great.



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          Originally posted by HAWK
          ...I am probably going to offend somebody but of all I have owned and field tested the Jackson e hoods have never been anything more than expensive junk.
          Does your comment pertain only to the eqc models or the nexgen model as well? I've tried the nexgen with a huntsman helmet and thought it worked well, and had a pretty light shell as well. I know Jackson is working on a new model that will be out later this summer or fall, so it will be interesting to see what the come up with. Also, speedglas has a pretty good following (I've no personal experience with it however) and the hornell company was purchased by 3M in April. I'm pretty comfortable saying that 3M makes very good safety gear, so here again, I think more progress will be made on the auto-darkening helmet front. I have yet to check out the big-window-elite however....



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            I recently used a NexGen helemt as a have to case. It was a Jackson shell. It is better than its EQC predecessor, but still far inferior to the Optrel Satellite or Miller Elite. I too have heard good things about Speedglass. The 3M should be a good deal.


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              I bought a Jackson journeyman for my first Ehood, I would say it made me a better welder immediatly, but for the simple fact that nodding caused me to move my torso and hands so I didn't weld where I thought I was. That said mine failed during my first welding class and stuck in the non-shaded mode instead of fail safe in dark.It nearly cost me real eye problems but when I thought there was a problem I asked an Instructor to give an opinion, BINGO it was bad. The next day I bought a Speedglas 9000x, Absolutely no regrets 2-1/2 years old and as good today as then.

              Jackson did repace the element but a failure like this doesn't breed confidence it stays at the race garage but I take my 9000x just because it's a far superior.

              I've looked at the new 9002x and instead of dial adjustments it has push buttons but very little else appears to have changed, appears to have changed is the key words, interior changes could be fantastic but could be horrific, I just don't know!

              My eyes are my greatest asset protecting them is a first priority. Without vision I don't function, BTW my vision is 20/900 I am blind without correction.

              Be safe,


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                Thanks for the information.


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                  your welcome


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                    I have to say that I love my speedglass 9000x. The best thing is that all the controls are on the inside, so no little knob to break off when I'm trying to jam my big ole nugget of a head into the bilge of one of these tiny little Coast Guard boats that I work on all day