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Happy new owner of DX200

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  • Happy new owner of DX200

    Finally I got the DX200 before this weekend
    and I'm happy... Never TIGged before so may have
    some questions soon.
    Works great layed some beads, really smooth control.
    Now if I'd know what I'm doing?..?
    Even this machine is
    really quiet (Fan on demand) But makes strange
    noises. Squeel, clicks, pops etc. Is this normal?


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    The machine does have a high ptiched whine when turned on. This is normal and is the autoline circuitry. On AC it has a distinctive buzz that increases in pitch as the arc frequency is tuned up higher. It also pops when the arc starts on DC and AC. All is normal. Does this cover it?


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      Thanks Hawk that covers it.
      It did not bother me because the arc was fine.
      Very fine indeed. Even with that it's more quiet
      than the MM210....
      What is being displayed at power up? Seems sort of
      Firmware version.


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        I think it is some sort of s/w version. Which makes for an interesting it upgradable and how? Oh, on 2nd thought I suspect its probably a change of chip rather than d/l.


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          Well I did not see a Serial or Ethernet port on it.
          No Floppy drive either. I guess it's a welder...


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            It is running through its diagnostics check on start up. Sometimes if you push buttons or change connections during start up it will display a help code. If it does not go away, shut down and restart. Let it start up and then adjust settings.


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              Well you might have to open it up to find a port (if there is any). Perhaps they use the 14pin cinnector in some clever way???

              However, the idea of a programmable welder is rather appealing. The same physical welder could have different capabilities/features depending programming. To upgrade you buy s/w instead of h/w. The mfg makes x physically different boxes but sells x+y virtual welders that differ only in their programming. I have a feeling thats the way it is w/ the Maxstar and Dynasty lines. Its the same thing that big diesel makers have been doing for years. At one time (still?) Cummins had a line of 9 engines only 1/3 of which were 'real'. The rest were virtual.


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                Both the Maxstar and Dynasty have hidden programable menus. However, you cannot change the programming to make a Dynsaty from the Maxstar. The LX version of the Maxstar has some automation hook up capabilites, but that's about it.


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                  Wasnt saying a Maxstar could be programmed into a Dynasty. Just saying that Im sure theres no substantive difference between the sx, dx and lx in each line.

                  About the hidden menus...what do they do and how do you access them?


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                    You can change start polarity, start amperage, and other parameters for a specific weld procedure. You might want to change these 2 particular parameters for larger tungstens like 1/8" or even tungsten alloys with different conductivity properties within a specific diameter, etc. The access is listed in the owner's manual per specific machine model #. There are hardware differences between the SD, DX, and LX models as well.


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                      Hawk, what is the advantage of changing 'start polarity', I am assuming you start in one but weld in another, or am I misunderstanding...Thanks, Paul
                      More Spark Today Pleasesigpic


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                        The only reason is if you are using larger tungsten like 1/8" with a high helium content shielding gas and having difficutly in starting the arc. This is what I was referencing. The Dynastys are set up to excell at 1/16" and 3/32" tungstens with argon, but will still work VERY well on both sides of these parameters.


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                          congrats on the new toy!

                          Changing start polarity can soften starts for smaller tungsten like .040 or .020. Changing it to start negative will give you a soft start while a positive polarity is hotter. Also you can change the start amps and time to fine tune starts for any tungsten size or application. Like Hawk says, The machine is factory set to start the 1/16 & 3/32 tungstens. Sometimes the larger tungstens require more starting amps and time. If the machine has a hard time starting, it will sound like the machine is pulsing at the start without really getting the arc going. (zap-zap-zap)(how's that for sound effects) Either the tungsten is contaminated or the unit needs a little more punch at the start.

                          Have fun!



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                            Thanks for the added clarification. I was on the way out the door early this AM.