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    Greetings All,

    I started out in 1974 with a Lincoln AC 225 as a freshman in high school FFA. I saved up $99 a year later and bought my own AC 225 at the local Tractor Supply Co. store and have always had a welder around ever since.

    I've never welded professionally, but have done a lot of welding over the years. Started out doing welding around the farm while growing up, eventually moved to the city, but have always kept a welder and OA outfit in my garage. I've built trailers, welding tables, OA carts, a boat dock which has been in the lake for almost 20 years and who knows how many odd repair jobs.

    Back in 1984 I bought a brand-new Dialarc 250 HF which I still have, complete with the original cardboard shipping box. Still just as shiny and new looking as the day I picked it up. I've always kept it under a cover.

    I bought it with grand intentions of taking up TIG, but have never done so. I have fired it up a couple of dozen times over the years for the odd stick welding job.

    Any thoughts on the care and feeding of a machine of this vintage? I think I may even get a bottle of gas and finally try my hand at GTAW.

    I'll try to post a few pictures along the way. I'm very happy to find this board and so many folks of like mind. Best to you all!


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    Welcome aboard, sounds like quite a machine in new condition. That is a great machine and you'll love it in tig!

    Weld well,


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      You had better watch out; you will find yourself checking back here more often than you think...Good Info... Good Folks....Welcome
      200DX 350P 625 Plasma & other stuff I forgot


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        The DA HF is a great machine. You will love to tig once you get past the frustration level. I am in Knoxville, TN. That's pretty close. E mail me through this forum and I'll get you some quick info to get you going.


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          Thanks for the welcome, guys!

          Hawk, after I get a few things re-arranged in my garage, I'll take you up on that offer for basic setup info.

          Thanks again!



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            JohnTN I'm new here myself, you sure can learn a lot from these guys.


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              Welcome John...

              You better look out though. Hangin' around here might get you hooked and pretty soon you'll have a whole shop full of new blue stuff



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                Yeah, I was afraid of that. I'm already thinking about one of those fancy new inverter machines. Now if the Maxstar 150 would only run an E6010 nicely...nah, I really need a Dynasty 200 for AL GTAW....somebody stop me!



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                  Welcome John. That old Dialarc was, and is, a good solid machine. Not all the bells and whistles of that new Dynasty you are dreaming of, but a darned good welder, just the same. It would make a good machine to start Tig welding with...


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                    i started off thinking maxstar 150 too ,then syncrowave 180 , lol now i just gota have that dynasty 200DX.
                    looks like ill have to wait a little longer as i need a bigger piggy bank for the dynasty but im oooooooh so shoure it will be worth the wait when i get the first wif of that new welder smell as i open up that new dyn.
                    thanks for the help
                    hope i helped
                    feel free to shoot me an e-mail direct i have time to chat. [email protected]
                    summer is here, plant a tree. if you don't have space or time to plant one sponsor some one else to plant one for you. a tree is an investment in our planet, help it out.


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                      I see you are on the board a lot lately. Addictive isn't it?


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                        Indeed it is! Knowledgeable bunch of folks, this board is a treasure. What's even more impressive to me is the fact that everyone conducts themselves in such a warm, friendly and professional manner. Must be something about metalworkers. I've noticed the same thing in the sci.engr.joining.welding USENET newsgroup and on the Hobart web forum. Great folks, all.

                        Unfortunately, so many of the USENET newsgroup and web forums seem to have nothing to offer but rude and abusive behavior. I've never seen anything of the sort in a welding forum.

                        Great job, guys, glad you're all here.