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Roll cage radii recommendations???

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  • Roll cage radii recommendations???

    Hi folks,

    So what would be the recommended die sizes for roll cage construction, as I'm about to order a tubing bender? What would be the minimum sets and then what would be the ideal sets to have?

    Also, is it worth getting 240 degree dies vs. 120's?

    And one more, what would you all get as to dies for general auto/motorcycle road/off-road construction? Square, round, what have you.



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    Our old race car was built of 1 1/2" od mild steel tubing so that would be my first choice. Additional dies I would want would be 1" round and square, 2"or,2 1/2"or,3" all round for light bars and nerf bars, etc.

    For motorcycle type work probably 1 1/4" round would be handy.

    For the die angle of reach you can bend, move and bend again but that takes alot of time and a precision eye so going for the 240 degree angle dies might be worthwile.

    These views are wide but look at what you want to build. Make a list of things you want to build and measure the sizes of material you want to work with, this will make the basis of what you buy. I personally work with 1"square, 1 1/4" square and 1 1/2"round and occasionally 2 1/2" for light bars and such. I am luck and have many friends that build race cars so I just make calls and find out has what I need on the project, cut to size and go bent at their shops.

    This maybe a little vague but you'll have to make many of the designs fit the equipment you buy.

    Good luck,


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      MrXtreme may I ask which bender you have chosen and why, someday Id like to buy one also?

      In what I can afford I like the pro tools 105 because it has the degree scale for repeat bend accuracy and allows for upgrading to hydraulic.


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        I don,t remember the radius my buddy has for roll cages but some rule books call for 1 5/8" tube for cages. He has a Hossfeld we converted to hydraulic they will bend bigger tube with ease..Bob
        Bob Wright


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          Good question!

          Is this for a street vehicle or strip? Stock cars usually run 1.750 X .090 for the main cage and .065-.083 on other non critical tubes.
          This is all DOM tube not electric weld seam tubing.

          Have fun!



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            Thanks guys for the responses. I'm looking to get 1.75, 1.5, 1.25, and 1.0 inch dies (that should handle just about everything). I'm still in a quandry about which radii to get. At this time, I think I'll get the tightest radius on each (6, 5, 4, and 3.5 CLR). Seems that I can put in multiple smaller angle bends if I need a larger radius, but the limiting factor is the die radius, on the tight end. I don't see any difference on the wall thickness' that can be bent, at least as far as their charts show. Also I'm planning on getting the 240 degree dies, for much the same reason. I can bend less, but not more than the die would allow. Big jump in price, but figure I'll only need to buy them once.

            So, does that sound like the right choice?

            BTW, I'm not getting this for any particular job, just want to have the critical mass of tools when I get a wild hair to build something. The near term project is a '65 Mustang just for street use, posing, whatever. Then some stuff for my Samurai, then my 2500, then... well you get the picture. I also have several motorcycle engines that are looking more like the heart of some buggys/mini-rails.

            Tackit, pro-tools is the bender I'm looking at.

            Thanks again,



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              Sounds like you got it covered!

              Is that bender a manual ratchet type or hydraulic?



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                The bender I'm looking at is a manual Hossfeld type with a hydraulic conversion kit. By the time I get the bender, hydro kit, and dies, I'll have quite a bit of sunk cost. But that's what hobbies are all about, right?