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Fifty ton press I built

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  • Fifty ton press I built

    Heres some pics of the 50 ton press I built last fall. It's legs are made of 1X5", the channel bed and top rails are made of 8" X .312? (heavy stuff.) I have ten inches of open space between the legs and the work opening is 32" wide, it's height is 74". Got the steel at the Salvage place $250 and I believe the hydraulic pump and cylinder was about the same. The feet were made by cutting the same 8" channel in half.

    I stick welded the legs to the top rails and used a Unitec mag drill to drill the pin holes which came out perfectly aligned and square.
    I plan on building some dies and I will buy some.

    I use a 1x12 square steel base on top of the bed rails to work on.

    Now I just love it when things warp or need to be straightened.

    Nothing exotic but it was a fun and a useful project to build.

    Thanks for looking.

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    I had a 30 ton press and thought it was big. That should handle anything that fits in its jaws!


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        Thanks HAWK, I try to clean as go and make sure each night when I finnish the shop is swept out and the tools are put back in their right spot, I can't stand searching for my tools.


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          That is a great rule, I have a very small shop and it takes effort on a daily basis.


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            I hear you pjseaman.


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              Here's an addition that I added to my 20 ton press. I got tired of taking my work and the plates off to ajust the bed so I added an old boat winch to the top with a pulley on the other side and cables to the bed. Now I can crank the bed up or down with weight on it and move the pins.
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                God job timw, I've thought of doing something like that to mine too.