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2% Ceriated Tungsten

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  • 2% Ceriated Tungsten

    I have just discovered 2% Ceriated Tungsten, This stuff is incredible! For years I've struggled with the poor arc stability of Pure tungsten but the orange band has a very stable arc and the tip holds a better point for a trimmer bead.

    My question is what are the shortcomings of the 2% Ceriated Tungsten? It can be switched from AC to DC and appears to perform well in both environments and you don't glow in the dark after grinding it. There must be some thing this stuff can't do.

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    All I know is what I have read: EWCe-2 (97.3% tungsten, 2% cerium oxide) has improved arc start, arc stability, and electrode burn-off. EWLa-1 (98.3% tungsten, 1% lanthanum oxide) is supposed to exhibit the same charachteristics. The thoriated electrodes also improve starts and stability, but allow for higher teperatures and current capacity than other electrode of the same size.

    As for practical applications, the TIG'ers will surely tell you how it is!!

    Be well.

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      Hey guys,

      The 2% ceriated tungsten alloy electrodes run well on AC/DC and exhibit all the good qualities of thoriated tungsten including decreased burn off and improved conductivity. However, from a practical application view the lanthanated tungsten alloy in 1.5% and 2% is far superior to the ceriated alloy.

      I have tested both ceriated and lanthanated extensively with the Dynasty 200 and 300 machines. The 1.5% lanthanated alloy closely approximates the conductivity of the 2% thoriated tungsten alloy. Therefore, it is considerably more popular than the 2% lanthanated alloy. However, the 2% in a premium quality brand, such as is available from Diamond Ground Products, is even better yet. I have found it will accomplish the same job as ceriated and even 1.5% lanthanted alloys more efficiently at a lower output amperage.

      When it comes to the Syncrowave and other standard squarewave machines the 1.5% lanthanated tungsten alloy is the premium choice for DCSP and behaves very similar as when used with the inverter machines while a 1% zirconiated tungsten alloy rules on AC. The zirconiated with a standard squarewave machine balls well, exhibits very stable arc characteristics, no boil off, and results in a true uncontaminated X-ray quality weld.


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        More Tungsten Information

        Home page link:

        Samples request page:

        Great page on tungsten properties, prep, dangers of thoriated, etc. See the downloads for html and pdf on this page.


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          Thank you very much for the replies! I will give the said types of tungsten a try.

          I'm new to this whole chat room thing so please bear with me. I'm trying to learn proper etiquette from outher threads.

          Thanks again!


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            Welcome to the forum! You are doing fine. Just about any welding question goes. Sometimes the questions are only related to welding. The questions do not have to be "Motorsports" oriented. Jump in and have fun. Again welcome.