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Questions, First time using a 200 DX

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  • Questions, First time using a 200 DX

    Question #1: Appears to be a lot more noise when using AC,the noise level elevates as the Freq is increased

    2: The fan cycles wvery so often, even when dc tig at 90 120 amps.

    Thanks for thr help

    PS: It is great on steel and alu............ Nice clean uniform welds....

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    That is fan on demand, the Dynasty300's at school do the same thing. They also make the same high pitch hum or buz that increases with increases in amperage. If I could only get the hang of 2 handed welding, left hand coordination is something less than nil. I will conquer this but it will take me longer than others.

    Weld well,


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      It would worry me if the machine did not behave that way. The Dynastys are somewhat noiser on AC than the Syncrowaves, but this is normal. As arc frequency increases the buzz should be higher pitched. When you run pulse on AC the sound will be louder on peak amperage and softer on background amperage. This is particularly noticeable around the 1-2PPS range. The "Fan-On-Demand" that pj mentioned is Miller's patented trademark for fan cooling the unit only when necessary. It helps minmize unwanted contamination from the outside enviroment being drawn into the machine by running the fan only when needed.


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        Thanks guys...

        Great machine