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  • 316L to Al-Bronze

    Okay, this one has to be deferred to the experts, a question I was asked at work this morning:

    The USBR is replacing a large Al-Bronze pipeline with 316L stainless and is hoping they can use the same massive Al-Bronze anchors to weld to the new pipe.

    I'm expecting no, but would like to hear it from the experts in this field.

    I'm guessing the parts might be too large for brazing. Another option might possibly be welding stainless tabs that can bolt to the existing Al-Bronze anchors, I suppose.

    Anyway, I'd appreciate your thoughts on it.

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    I know that alumabronze does weld. maybe with some silicon bronze or alumabronze.

    I would try silver brazing first, like a 45%


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      I tried to get ahold of my best expert in this field today, but he was not to be reached. So without his input, I would not want to make any guarantees.

      However, in my UTP handbook, under welding dissimilar materials, there is a listing for welding stainless steel to bronze. One of the stick electrodes listed is a stick electrode, 34N, which I have had excellent luck with on some bronze to cast iron applications, and bronze to steel applications in the past. this product is also available in mig and tig wire.

      There are also a couple other products listed for bronze to stainless. That being said, I would think it would still be a tricky proposition, and before a recommendation was made, I would want to know the alloy of the aluminum bronze and what the stress and configuration of the welds was going to be.

      If you seriously want to pursue this-e-mail me with particulars, and I will try and get some answers for you, or I will get you in touch with somebody who can help you.


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        I finally got a chance to look at some pictures of the anchors. They were big, sure, but they weren't really all that massive, I don't think there's any real reason they can't replace them with stainless at the same time, which is what I've tentatively recommended to them.

        They are still trying to get me the info on the alumabronze alloy.