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    i am going to buy a mig. I don't want to have to buy a tank so i want to get flux core. What difference will it make?

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    Welcome aboard, the most common setup in flux core will probably be .030 or .035. The wire will cost alot more and the finish weld will have a slag covering like welding with stick. With mig the gas shields the weld so the finished weld is clean- no chipping or brushing. I started with red wire feed box and ran flux core it was and still is a great unit for some things, repairs at the track and outside garage repairs, portability.

    I prefer mig as opposed to fluxcore. Flux core is a dirtier process and requires ventilation. Are you wanting a 110 volt model or 230 volt model? I have the millermatic 210 w/spoolgun, love it and only use fluxcore for dirty repairs or field work.

    If you buy a machine make sure you buy up to the package with regulator and set for gas so you can if you decide you want to, It will cost more to convert it over to mig later.



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      I agree with pjs. Get a machine that is set up for gas. If you don't use gas, you really have not wasted your money - it will be there in resale value. But I'd bet that you will want to run GMAW someday, and once you do you'll only use flux core for those times when gas won't work, like outside in the wind.

      Be well.

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        Not much to add to what has already been said, except, I agree 100%. If somebody carts a machine that is set up for flux core only into our store looking to trade it, we won't take it. The opportunity for resale is nill.


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          Typically, in very rounded numbers, the solid wire will cost you $10 for a spool. Flux-cored wire will cost you almost $50.

          A tank of gas will cost $150.

          In the time you go through 4 rolls of wire, you could have paid for the cylinder and regulator in the cost savings of the wire alone, let alone the other benefits, depending on what kind of work you want to do with the machine.

          Since you don't yet sound like you need a professional machine, I'd recommend the Hobart Handler 175/180. 1/4" safely when needed, and lots of flexibility in the thinner stuff, especially with the newer retuned 180.

          If you are limited to 120V, get the HH135/140, but you will also be limited to 1/8" safely with MIG, and 3/16" with flux-cored.

          If you have other needs, let us know and we'll react accordingly. We live for this stuff...

          Upon further review, what YOU REALLY NEED is a 3-phase, 200-amp MIG machine with a portable .045 feeder with Harris gun. And wouldn't you know it, I have one for sale......


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            The welder i was looking at was flux core but for 100 dollars i could buy the conversion kit for gas. The reason i want flux cored is that i am only 15 years old and don't have job to pay for gas. I was looking at a 100 amp lincoln it was 500 dollars canadian. it welds up to quartre inch.


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              loose the lincon

              i was going to buy the hobart 135 but the store that sold them never got it in so i went with a miller insted. point is for $500 you could get the hobart 135 it is set up for mig (i didnt want it now i cant wait to get it lol) you will have 135amp insted of the 100 with the lincon. and who knows charge a few frends to trick out there bikes for then and you got gass maby even a back yard buisnes.if at all possible go for the hobart 135 it sounds like just what you need.
              good luck and happie welding.
              thanks for the help
              hope i helped
              feel free to shoot me an e-mail direct i have time to chat. [email protected]
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                I've owned a lincoln weldpak 100 and only sold it because I bought the mm210. The red box did fine for normal repair work but when we built the shelving at the race garage,{ all precut steel to size required} two guys stood metal and I welded and moved and welded. The process lasted for hours. I overheated it many times and had to break for 1/2 hour breaks 4 times. This was a good machine but when it was pushed really hard it screamed stop! If at all possible I would buy the Hobart or Miller of the same catagory. The fact is the red got me interested and started. The Miller made me a real welder.

                This is admittedly an apples to oranges comparison since the red was a 110 volt machine and the Miller is a 230 volt machine and amperage jumped from 100 to 200 but the quality of the machinery is overall better in Hobart or Miller!!!

                Check out they have pretty good prices.

                Best of luck which ever you choose,


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                  Thanks for your help, i think i will run gas but i might still get the lincoln beacuse it is 500 dollars canadian and the others are hobart are american prices


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                    What is the cost difference (Canadian) after you add the gas kit? In this amperage range the 30 extra amps really makes a difference in top end and duty cycle. My US two cents.


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                      A fellow BC'er! Greetings.

                      I've got a Lincoln WeldPak 100 - likely the exact machine you're considering for $500. I received it many years ago in exchange for some work I did, thus the $150 I spent on the gas conversion wasn't really an issue from a cost effectiveness standpoint.

                      It's a reasonable machine when set up for GMAW, and I use it quite frequently.

                      That being said, I'd strongly recommend saving some money and investing in something like the Millermatic 135 (if you need a 115V machine) or the Millermatic 175 (if you've got 230V available.) Both are equipped for GMAW, and the extra capacity of even the MM135 is worthwhile.

                      BOC Gases has the MM135 on sale over the summer for around $840 and it even comes with a snazzy cart. The MM175 is just over $1040, and also has a cart. I know it sounds like alot more that the $500 Lincoln, but either Miller will be FAR more flexible (and enjoyable) to work with.

                      Where abouts in BC are you?
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                        Hey guys check this out,

                        This is a mm135, I admit I don't know the exchange rate but check it out it might be a better price than you've already gotten.

                        Best of luck,


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                          If I was in your shoes(whick I was about three years ago) I would go to KMS tools and look at the hobart 135 or 175. They are very good machines and I got my HH 135 for 650 bucks. It may have gone up a bit but even $700 is good. Also if you have a 220 volt hook up I would go up to the 175 class. It's NIGHT AND DAY!
                          just my thoughts


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                            I second what pjseaman said, I have used br twice and was very happy with price and service. Also free shipping. If possible I would also go with BLUE, you will always have a good machine with resale value when you want to upgrade.
                            When was the last time any of us wanted to down grade?


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                              man what a smoking good deal where was it 3 months ago when i bought my MM 135.
                              by the way i hooked it up to gass today for the first time man o man what a sweet bead its like way cooler than flux and no smoke or clean up
                              i'm loving my MM135 wouldnt trade it for anything. verry glad i waited and saved the extra $ to get blue.(and i payed like $950.00 ish) no regrets. if you can get 1 do it you wont regret it.even when i upgrade i will keep this 1 just for thouse quick fixes . it goes to the grave with me then my sone can take it back home for him.
                              thanks for the help
                              hope i helped
                              feel free to shoot me an e-mail direct i have time to chat. [email protected]
                              summer is here, plant a tree. if you don't have space or time to plant one sponsor some one else to plant one for you. a tree is an investment in our planet, help it out.