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New guy here, got a TIG question

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  • New guy here, got a TIG question

    I bought a MM210 back in Feb. and have a 200DX
    an order coming this week. Never Tigged before
    so my question is about the torches.
    I got the machine ordered with a torch that is
    part of the Contractors Kit. I do not think
    it is water cooled. Mostly I'll work fine small
    stuff (I have a MIG for the bigger stuff)
    Is there a Duty Cycle of the Gun? Or is it the same
    as the welder. I don't think I'm going to use
    the DX at full capacity anytime soon just want to know.

    TIG related quetions later.. brace for impact...


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    TIG torches are rated at 100% DCSP. Some mfgs even take it to 100% AC. Being new to TIG, i'm sure that you wont be able to hold on to the torch at its 100% duty cycle. Also, if you get a 150 amp torch, like a #17, its duty cycle is higher than your Dynasty So be careful.


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      Like GTA/SPEC said, your torch will get very warm way before you reach its duty cycle! I have a Trailblazer 250 (250 amps @ 60%) and can't hold my 150 amp torch @ 125 amps for very long. It'll let you know when its had enough.

      Good Luck!


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        Out in the field I use regular SMAW welding gloves for tig because the torch does get hot. It is easy enough to walk the cup on pipe or push a line on plate by grabbing the torch head up close with the thicker gloves. In adverse conditions I don't even use the torch handle. I just grab it by the head more or less. Try it and let me know what you think.


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          Thanks for the replies I hope I'll get the
          gear in before the weekend.