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    Hawk, you rascall I seem to remember a bass boat you are supposed to be putting a gloss on...better get on it and leave this bigtime trucking to us
    Regency 200 w/30A
    Dynasty 200 dx
    Esab 875 plasma
    MM350-P w/30A


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      It has been out fishing several times, but is still dull and nasty on the outside. I've been "too" busy working to get it done. I came up with a good used trolling motor and heavy duty mount that needs to go on first. It's a 56lb thrust 12/24VDC motor that will replace the 37lb thrust motor that came with the boat.

      The new trolling motor has a slightly bent shaft, but should be easy enough to straighten or cut off and tig a new length on it. I don't think the mounting holes match up so there's some more tig work. These are good problems to have.

      I'd rather not get into the real problems. Lately life has been like a beaver colony: One **** thing after another. I suspect things will look up soon. Sorry to scratch, but I had the itch. You guys enjoy the trucking!