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    As I stated in my previous post, I looking to purchase a New TB 301G or a TB-DC. I've been looking online and it seems the best deal is a place called Cyberweld.(3328.00 & 3047.00) They are the least expensive, and also offer free shipping right to my residential address. Others I have contacted ( IOC, and B&R) offer reasonable prices but shipping for a engine driven welder is only free to a local dock. Lift gate fees would apply.

    Does anybody know of any other dealers that I might contact.

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    i have delt with oic on 2 ocations with great results they list free shipping on tb301d coppy and past below $6,697

    trail blazer dc is also free shipping any of 48 states at $3,146

    i have used them and will use agin when i get next blue toy i just rec. my plasma cutter from them today and i love it. i got it 3 days after ordering

    hope this helps
    be well
    weld well
    live well
    thanks for the help
    hope i helped
    feel free to shoot me an e-mail direct i have time to chat. [email protected]
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      Be careful when you have it delivered to your house. Some shippers show up in a truck with no hydraulic ramp. It's YOUR responsibility to take it out of the truck. Most will give you a "heads up' on what day they will show up. The advantage of a drop point is you can go there at your convience with a bunch of "Bruno friends" and pick up the item. Cyberweld, IOC, B&R..All reputable internet companies. HTH
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        I used BRWELDERS when I bought my MM 210 and Spectrum 625 and I was impressed with the quick service. Ordered the 210 on Thursday afternoon and had it on Monday. I used their 800 number and dealt directly with them, not through the auction sites.
        If you go to the local trucking Co dock for pick up they will fork it into your truck or trailer. Usually you can pick up early evening and some weekends as they are 24 hour operations. I had the 210 delivered and slid it down into my pick up but it only weighed just over 200#.


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          Very good advice.
          Looks like Cyberweld gets the sale. I spoke to them last week.
          Brand new TB301G with GFCI's 3368.00 delivered to my door. I can not find a better price. Even local dealers were amazed. They asked me specifically if I needed a liftgate. They also said they would call the day it was to be delivered, so that I can be available for delivery and inspection. If there is a problem with damage, I was told to refuse the delivery and Cyberweld will replace. How can you beat that.
          I just sold my 1961 SA200 which did me fine, but I have always used the power of blue at my job. Future additions to my shop and mobile business will include MM251 and Spec2050.

          Thanks again


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            Try, I use airgas locally but they have a good site for part numbers and such give them a look.


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              Good luck with the Trailblazer. It's a great machine! You won't need a dig control with that unit. It'll lay it in! Many of us on the site have them and wouldn't trade them for anything but a new one.

              Have fun!



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                Andy is right the Trailblazer is an amazing machine... I have a 301G that I bought from B&R and love it... was also very impressed with them... I drove down to pick it up and they loaded it on my truck so shipping was not an issue...they are nice people and knowledgeable ......but... whoever you choose.. think you will really like the Trailblazer... would suggest that you lean towards the 301G rather than the DC... because it does everything well.... and you can equip it to meet your future needs... the DC will limit your options....
                hope this helps

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