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300 Pulsed TIG (DC GTAW) Control Question

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  • 300 Pulsed TIG (DC GTAW) Control Question

    Does anyone use Millers PC-300 Pulsed TIG (DC GTAW) Control unit? I keep hearing about the benefits of pulse and was wondering if the 300 pulse control unit would make my 180SD pulse/operate as well as machines that come with factory installed pulse? Thanks

    300 Pulsed TIG (DC GTAW) Control
    Can be used with AC or DC welding power sources with, or without, built-in HF or with external HF units (HF-251D-1 or Snap Start II). Non-inverter power source uses 0.5-20 pulses-per-second. Inverter power sources uses 0.5-20 or 10-300 pulses-per-second.

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    Your 180Sd will easily handle the PC300. It will run just like a factory installed unit!



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      Thanks ASKANDY. I like my 180SD, and it's really all I can afford right now,(graduation and a wedding to pay for this summer) adding the 300 unit might be the cheapest way for a proud but broke father to satisfy the pulse itch.

      I'll have to talk to my welding guy about it. Thanks again