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  • Brush polarity

    During the Bobcat rehab I did a lot of research on slip rings and brushes. At one site, which went into detail, it was stated that excessive brush wear could be caused by not changing brush polarity occasionally.

    Since, to my limited knowledge, all alternators are equal in the way they operate ,would this apply to welding alternators? Should we change the brush leads every X hours?

    The owners manual makes no mention of this so it apparently isn't a big problem. If it would prolong brush life, it isn't that hard to switch the leads.

    Since my Bobcat slip rings don't have enough meat left for another turn I want be extra careful. Although R&R ing slip rings would be a new experience.

    I know this is off the wall but hopefully worthy of mention.


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    I think that as long as you keep them clean and grease free that they should last a very very long time.... and as meticulous as you are.. figure sometime into your great great grandkids time....

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