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  • mm350p

    I purchased a mm350p last week, this is my first real go with aluminum. I've been using a spoolmatic 30a with my 301G. So needless to say I am lost with pulse and it's setting adjustments. I'm not sure what is supposed to be happening when I adjust the "Sharp Arc" and the "Arc Control" up or down from default. Anyone familiar with this machine yet, would be appreciated.
    Dynasty 200DX
    mm350P,Trailblazer 301g
    Spoolmatic 30A
    R115, XR30A, SP32
    TD cutmaster 38 plaz
    PowCon 300sm w/feeder
    Lincoln Hi-Freq
    '05 Topkick Crew 4x4 Duramax Edge Juice w/Att 12' bed

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    Miller has one **** of a good tech department, and since the machine is so new I would suggest calling them.


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      I have seen the machine. The arc control button is used to access the inductance (in the MIG mode) and sharp arc ( in the pulsed mode) menus. The ind or inductance control adjusts the weld puddles "wetness". The higher the number (0-99) the more fluid the weld puddle. The inductance control is used in the standard non-pulsed mig mode.

      The sharp arc control is used in the pulsed mig mode and should be left at the factory default of 25 unless you are using a gas other than recommended in the pulsed mig chart. The control is used to vary the width of the arc cone. The lower the setting the wider the arc cone and the higher the setting the narrower the arc cone. It basically affects your bead width and profile. It won't hurt to play with it, but the default is best unless you are using a non recommended gas. Sometimes I have to adjust the Optima controller parameters for my pulsed mig when the standard gases are not avalable.

      I hope this helps


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        Welcome aboard, and keep us up on your progress. As this is such a new machine many folks will be able to gain from the trial and error learning you are doing right now.


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          Good to go?


          Is this the info you needed? How is the machine working for your applications? Let us know.