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  • Going out of business

    Hey all,
    I'm going out of business. Lock, stock, and barrel are for sale. All professional equipment, as you know me.

    Posting here because with the Miller Maxstar 150 STL out there, I have no idea how to find out what my Maxstar 140 STR is worth, because no one's selling that one anymore. Mine looks absolutely brand new (all my stuff is taken care of like you wouldn't believe) and it runs beautifully, even for being a European Miller. I run 1/8" 6010s all the time with it on 120V.

    Anyone need anything, ask me; I've probably got it. I expect most everything will sell here locally, and have several leads on some things. But I'd bet some of my more professional gear really needs to get advertised to the right people, like the Maxstar, the Trailblazer (with a Kohler!) and the PowCon. The MM175 sold last night.

    I've got thousands of dollars in top-of-the-line professional air tools. If you need something, please ask. If requested, I'll take the time to post a list, but I don't want to violate any forum rules I might not know about. That's why I'm posting to ask what my Maxstar is worth.

    Thanks, Andy, for this forum. I've enjoyed it much and hope I have helped a few. I know I've sure learned a lot here as well.

    Miller is awesome. I know I'm selling the best stuff on the planet. When it's gone, so am I; I'll miss you all.

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    Sorry to hear about your decision to go out of business, isn't there somthing that can be done to make things work?


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      So you made the decision! Best of luck to you and Amy whichever road you take. Hope you'll still hang out here. I've enjoyed your company, and am greatfull for your advice.

      Be well, and God bless.

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        Originally posted by tackit
        Sorry to hear about your decision to go out of business, isn't there somthing that can be done to make things work?
        My reasons are strictly personal, the business was growing and I had to decide if I wanted it to grow. This is a great location for business in general, and mobile welding in particular.

        My wife and I will be moving to New York to volunteer at the facilities where Jehovah's Witnesses publish Bibles and Bible literature for this country. They may hand me a welder when I get there. They may hand me a pushbroom. Either way, we'll be happy.


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          Hey, I'm interested in the maxstar, I'll PM you later..I hope I didn't violate any rules with this. sorry to hear about the business. Good luck on your new path.


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            Mac & Amy, I wish you luck on your new beginning.. ....Hope you like it in New York, sounds like it will be a rewarding venture.

            No reason to stop hanging out here once in a while. You have a lot of good sound advice to offer and you will will always have that experience to draw on and help others out with.....


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              You always welcome here and we all have enjoyed the experience's shared. Speaking for many I am sure, all the best and may gods glory shine on you and your family. You will be missed!


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                Originally posted by tackit
                Sorry to hear about your decision to go out of business, isn't there somthing that can be done to make things work?
                Sorry to see you get out of the welding "biz", I've really come to enjoy your posts on this board. I certainly hope you continue to "lurk" once in a while!!You have been a mentor to a lot of us rookies and your info and whit has been welcome. Best wishes to both you and Amy on your new journey. Plese keep us all informed as to what and how you are doing.
                Mike MACH4


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                  Just to reiterate the aforementioned posts: Best wishes to you both. You will be missed here and I am sure your clients will miss you most of all!


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                    Mac. ditto to all that has been said. Your dedication has been shown to all of us here and will be most appreciated in your future endevour.



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                      Best wishes.

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                        Good luck Mac!


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                          I was shocked to see this news! I've been out of town a few days and giving some last visits to a friend who has cancer real bad. Sorry to hear you moving on but wish you the best. It seems like you put some thought into this and I know you will be a success wherever you land!

                          Thanks again for all your participation on the site!

                          Don't be a stranger, come back and let us know how it's going.



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                            Sorry to see you go out of bizz. Learned alot from your posts just being an old rookie. Wish you the best in your endeavours. Honestly, be a poster and not a lurker. There's too much info in that head of yours...Good luck...Don
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                              Just a quick comment about your journey MAC. You and Amy are to be commended for what you about to embark upon. Certainly not everyone is willing to make the sacrifices that you are about to make to do something good for all mankind...

                              That being said, I read an awful lot of replies to this thread that are thanking you for helping them with their welding problems. In my mind, feeble though it may be, I think that what you have added here is a very noble cause as well. Maybe not in the spiritual way that your your new endeavour will be, but any time that we can help our fellow man, we are doing something good.

                              So with that in mind, I hope you make sure to stop back in from time to time and share your knowledge. Helping another person make his way in this world is a good thing, something that a lot of people on this board can be proud of.

                              Sorry to ramble, just had that burning to be said...