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  • Leads and extension cords

    Greetings all,

    I am thinking that having a 50' extension cord would be a good thing to have around for the occasional welding job that can't make it back to the shop(kinda hard to get to but the price is right). 50' would make it to the main driveway for doing the odd trailer/auto/tractor/whatever repairs. What gauge wire should I use. Please note that I will be running the Maxstar 200dx on 220 single phase initially but if I end up moving to a real shop, I will set it up for 3-phase and don't want to buy the cabling more than once if I can help if.

    Also, seeing as how the 200dx has the autosense on the input voltage, can I simply make a small pigtail to convert the 220v plug to a standard 110v plug for jobs off site?

    Finally, I was thinking that having a set of leads for stick welding around would be a good idea. for these, I am thinking that twin 50' leads for the work and stinger both would be fine. What gauge wire should I go with for this?

    Thanks again for all the help.
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    Ogier de Corbiel

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    Use 50' of 8 gauge / 4 conductor SOOW cord found at an electrical supply house. This will cover your future 3 phase as well as your single phase 240. Yes a 240 to 120 pig tail will work fine. I prefer a 60 amp 3 phase box where I can hard wire for 3 phase, single phase 240 and 120 as well as pulling 120 and 240 VAC from the same box using all 4 conductors on 1 phase. If you would like more info, please email me through the forum and I will send you a schematic and a photograph.

    #4 wire will do fine on 12' of lead to stick weld. You can can to a #2 for 25' of lead on each terminal. Again email for specifics.


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      One thing to look out for and just be aware of when planning on future 3-phase power is that most of the places around here get a 3-phase WYE which gives you 120V to the neutral, but only 208V phase-to-phase. This can affect the power to your previously 240V single-phase machines.

      If you get a DELTA 3-phase service, you will have true 120/240V on the single phase services, and still get all the 3-phase. You won't have as many 120V circuits available, though, because of the "wild leg."

      I'm not a 3-phase expert, so one can chime in later, but I believe these are some things you'll want to research. It may not even make a rat's butt worth of difference.


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        Good point on the 208 phase to phase, but should make no difference with the Dynasty 200DX as 190 volts (1 or 3 phase) will give full output on this machine. I have seen full ouput at 160VAC, but 190VAC for sure!