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Any info about inverter migs in the pipeline?

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  • Any info about inverter migs in the pipeline?

    Looking at an old post, saw that Andy hinted about inverter all in one migs being in the pipeline. Since Hobart just introduced a couple of new small migs, thought Miller might be following up with something as well. Sure would be nice to have 210 capability and features in a 175 size. (and at a 135 a perfect world)

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    Just hold on a while longer. You may see some of the features you are looking for. Let's just say you will be pleasantly surprised.

    Of course the 350P is now public. Take a look on the website.


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      Miller is better than any other manufacturer at bringing out new products, and patience will always reward you with new technology. But...a 200 amp inverter mig at the price of a 135...??? may be asking to much, even of Miller...

      But if you are going to ask, an Inverter CC/CV self contained wire-feeder/powersource would be great. The Maxstar 150 is the darling of maintenece departments but that new Millermatic 180I, (I for inverter) would be a real sweetheart.

      I asked for an engine driven inverter back when I first welded with a Maxstar, it took quite a few years, but eventually, along came the Pipe-Pro....


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        The invision 354mp with 22A feeder and a migrunner cart ant the footprint is nearly identical to the all in one's and its really cool to use. If money were not an object I would have bought the package described instead of the mm210- but I love my mm210 and wouldn't give it up for anything less.