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    Hey Guys, I saw the post about Phosphoric acid and that was what I was thinking was the acid in my earlier note, so I went to Lowes and bought the $6 quart, Aquamix, made in SantaFe Springs,CA. Says mix 1:5, so I used straight, took 30 minutes soaking some 6061 to show anything, 2024 Alclad showed improvement at 10 minutes, but if you brush on, better be prepared to use a lot, 5 or 6 aplications to 6061 over 2 hours with good rubbing. maybe there is a stronger Phosphoric Acid out there....BTW, I think 'TheWorks' is basically Sodium Hydroxide, the chemical they use to 'Disolve' Aluminum, same stuff as 'Easyoff', it cleans the outer oxide layer off. Any comments. Paul
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      Uh oh!
      The wifely unit is upset that I posted a "dirty" picture!! Oh well, not the first time and surely not the last! I think I'd better wash and polish her truck this week to appease the "boss."

      I think I need some loominum cleaner too!


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        sounds like the material that you were trying to etch had some oil issues.... the surface needs to be washed with a good detergent and warm water, dried and then wiped down with a solvent like "prep-sol" or "pre-cleano" to degrease... on clean aluminum you should start to see results nearly immediately ... am not familiar with that particular brand or it's strength but even weak phosphoric acid should have reacted pretty quickly...
        AND... WHEELS is right!! make sure that you rinse it off with clear water before it dries .. otherwise you will get a mottled streaky finish...
        hope this helps

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          Heiti, thanks for the reply,the stock I tried may have had something on it, but I think it was just old oxide, these were parts I had in the shop for 25 years, I will give another shot with a degreaser, then the phosphoric.
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