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    Not really a welding Q, but

    I just pulled the 17.5' boat and trailer out of the woods and pulled the cover off. Long story short: Everything is cleaned up and welded as necessary. QUESTION: Does anybody know what will clean and polish the exterior aluminum surfaces? I don't need it clean to weld. I just want to shine it up where it will last a while.

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    Hawk: There is a really good aluminum polish out there who's name escapes me. If you don't find your answer by monday, I will call my supplier and get the name of it for you. I know a guy who re-polished an airstream trailer with a big grinder with a buffing pad on it and the polish. Works well as long as you keep a hose near by to keep the al cool while you are buffing.

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      That sounds like what I need. If you don't mind checking the name Monday, I would really appreciate it.


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        To polish my aluminum bike frame, I've always used MOTHERS polish


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          If you want the finish your working on to last go to the truckers store and get a can of NeverDull polishing cotton wadding, great stuff but hard work. No matter what you use clear coat the finish for a long lasting shine and no oxidation. Me personally, I like the brushed look so I finish with a fine brass wheel then wash it clean with Dawn dishwashing liquid rinse and Thats That.
          Good luck,


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            Hawk, 'Semichrome Polish' made by Happisch, a German company, usually available at Motorcycle stores. Use it with a rag, or buffer. There are also come acids available, but I am not sure of the ones to use, maybe a boat dealer could steer you in the right direction, sure beats all that elbow grease. Also an autobody repair supply dealer might have some buffing compounds, I know 'Maguires' is one they use to buff out new paint jobs, real creamy stuff, mild abrasive, or even good old 'Dupont #7' white polishing compound. Best regards, Paul
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              Thanks. I have played a little with the Maguire's compounds, but not much luck on aluminum. As for weld prep I used Scotch-Brite pads on a die grinder and acetone. However, even with a fine scotch brite pad the finish is a bit to rough for the boat.


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                Originally posted by pjseaman
                Me personally, I like the brushed look so I finish with a fine brass wheel then wash it clean with Dawn dishwashing liquid rinse and Thats That.
                Good luck,

                A brass wheel on an angle grinder, die grinder or what? Where can you get the brass wheels? That is something I have not seen around here.


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                  Weiler makes bronze and brass cup brushes that should be available at any reputable welding supply dealer...Weiler Cupbrushes

                  I have also found brass wire wheels for some of my customers, also from Weiler, but I am home on Saturday morning, so I don't have a catalog handy and couldn't find them on the website. Again, any reputable welding supplier should be familiar with Weiler products.


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                    Not sure how shinny you want,But yrs back i use to do alot of welding for the boat marines here.Some of the boats that were left in the water or stored outside in a woods ect were pretty grimmy.I seen alot of there people with scub brushes and rubber gloves applying something on the boats then power washing them off...I was amazed with the results.I asked one of the guys what they were using.He stated..(*THE WORKS)...Toilet bowl cleaner.Dont know for sure but you might want to give it a try on a scrap piece 1st. then see what you think....Hope this might be of some help.

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                      Klsm54 has it nailed but mine are plain old vermont america brand and cost around $10 each. I have fine and coarse and they are only rated at 3000 rpm so the grinder is out of the question unless you want to be pelted by flying brass schrapnel. I have an old 1/2' drill that works good at 700 rpm or my 7' circular sander/buffer are the tools of choice. The only bad part is they don't last very well on heavy AL I used up 1 coarse wheel on the bumper for my truck. The material was pretty rough so it was sort of expected. In home depot's tool dept they have some with the polishing and buffing materials as a beginning for buffing. For what its worth I still wish I could find some of the roloc's in purple ultra fine and real soft they also came in white that were the softness of cotton, at the store they look at me like I'm nuts and say they have never seen or heard of them. Honestly I am not halucinating I still have some flat sheets of the white but cant find any more.

                      Hope this helps,


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                        I found the white 120, yellow 80, and green 50 bristle discs. These work really well, but I had forgooten about them. I have some 2" green and yellow. I think the 2" white would be the ticket. That's a lot of work with a 2" discs. but it moves pretty quick with light pressure.


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                          Take a look at the attached. It is a small portion of the above link regarding the use of the white 120 grit Roloc Bristle discs on aluminum.
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                            Check out this site - It is a pdf of scotch brite Bristle Discs and brushes.

                            ScotchBrite Bristle Discs and Brushes

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                              I would stop by a truck stop and check out their store, those shinny wheels and fuel tanks you see on semi's are aluminum.