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    The 2-AF is an angled lug that one end bolts onto the output stud of your welder and the other end is a female receptacle that accepts the male end of a Tweco 2-MBP cable connector. That way you can connect your cable with a twist lock connection to your machine, or easily add another 50 foot section of cable with the quick connect cable connectors.

    The Lenco LC-40 connectors interchange with the Tweco 2-MBPconnectors, if you have better access to one over the other.

    Again, it is Saturday and my catalogs are at work, but you can do this all so you can use the same cables on your Bobcat as you would use on an XMT or other Dinse style outfitted welder too. Just takes geting the right connectors and adaptors.


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      Re: Welding cable

      Originally posted by moe1942
      I have a cable question for the bread and butter weldors here.

      My Bobcat is ready to go except for the cables. I bought 50' of #2 cable yesterday. This may be a dumb question but have any of you found a good length for the ground and work cables. I would think the ground cable should be shorter but by how much.

      I think I'll leave it in one piece until I get some feed back.


      Just finished a mobile job on railing for some townehouses and found "at the site" that the leads were too short to power the Ln-25 off of the Bobcat, I now have a severely modified extension cord. Yes, I know that this was not the PROPER fix but it DID help to get the job done. But, I am going Fri. to the elect. supply store to get another 100' of 1/0 wire to split for - and + hope to not get short again.I quess welding lead is like a garage, figure what you need and add to it!!